Libby - App til e- og lydbøger

The Seafarers' Library - electronic books and audiobooks in English

The Seafarers’ Library offers electronic books, audiobooks, and magazines to all seafarers on board Danish flagged ships regardless of nationality.

To get access to the library you need to create a personal user-ID and download the app Libby. You can have a preview of the library here:

You get the user by sending us an email with the information below:

  • Full name
  • User-ID (your personal e-mail address)
  • Password (4 letters/numbers)
  • Ship name (the ship that you are working on now)
  • Shipping company
  • And please make a note if you allow the library to send you information regarding questions and improvements of the library.

We send you an email when your user-ID is created. 

When you have downloaded Libby and have accessed The Seafarers’ Library you will be able to download electronic books, audiobooks, and many magazines directly to your device (phone, tablet, or computer) and read offline. You need access to the internet while downloading.

Books are available for 28 days. If you haven't finished you can always borrow it again.

See here how to get started using Libby.          

It is important for us that we offer the right books for you so please do not hesitate to contact the library at  if you have any comments or book suggestions.


You find approximately 800 magazines in The Seafarers’ Library. They cover many subjects such as Business & Finance (e.g. The Economist), Boating & Aviation (e.g. Ships Monthly and Cruising World), Health & Fitness (e.g. Men’s Health and Runners world), Travel & Outdoor (e.g. Backpacker and The Great Outdoors). 

The magazines are available for 21 days from downloading, and there is no waiting for the latest issue.

Find all the magazines this way:

  • Press “Library” in the bottom of the page on the left
  • Press ”+ Preferences”
  • Choose ”Any” in Format and choose ”Magazines”
  • Press ”Apply preferences”

When you want to get back to seeing both books and magazines you choose Preferences again, return your preferences to ”Any”, and press ”Apply Preferences”.