Libby - App til e- og lydbøger

Electronic books, audiobooks, and magazines in English

The Seafarers’ Library offers digital books, audiobooks, and magazines in English to all seafarers on board Danish flagged ships regardless of nationality. The books are found in the app Libby.

Before you can borrow books and magazines you need to create library card = a personal user-ID.

You only need access to the internet while downloading and then you can read offline.

1. Get a library card/a personal user-ID
Send an email to [email protected] with the following information:

  • Name
  • Email
  • Self-elected pin code of 4 characters letters and/or numbers
  • Your ship and shipping company
  • And please make a note if you allow the library to send you information regarding the library

We send you an email when your library card is created.

2: Download the Libby app from your app store

  • Search for “Libby, by OverDrive”.

3: Open Libby and follow these steps

  • First question: Do you have a library card? – Press Yes
  • Go to: You can look up your nearest library by name, or city, or zip code
    Press: Search for a library
  • You can search for your library by name or branch location
    In the box, type: The Seafarers' Library - and choose the library in the box below 
  • Press: Sign in with my card
  • Enter your email address
  • Enter your pin code
  • You are asked if you prefer to read with Kindle. Unfortunately, this is not possible, therefore press Skip

You are now ready to browse, download, and read!

You can of course use Libby on your phone and tablet. If you want to read on your PC, go to Books are available for 28 days, magazines for 21 days.

Contact the library at [email protected] if you have suggestions for books, authors, titles, series, or subjects.

Printer friendly version of the guide.


In The Seafarers’ Library you have access to more than 1.700 magazines, most of them in English. If you only want to see only magazines press "the house" button in the bottom of the frontpage of Libby and scroll down to Magazines. 

If you want to explore the magazines in a certain topic, follow these steps:

Press "All titles"
Press "Refine"
Press "Subject".
Now you have 27 subjects to choose between. 

You can of course also search for the title of a magazine by pressing the "magnifying glass" button in the bottom of the front page and type the title of the magazine.