Libby - App til e- og lydbøger

Electronic books, audiobooks, and magazines in English

The Seafarers’ Library offers digital books, audiobooks, and magazines in English to all seafarers on board Danish flagged ships regardless of nationality.
Books and magazines are found in the app Libby and before you can borrow books and magazines you need a library card. 

1. Get a library card
Send an email to [email protected] with the following information:

  • Full name
  • Your personal email address
  • Pin code (personal 4-digit pin code)
  • The ship that you are signed on
  • Name of shipping company
  • Do you allow the library to send you information regarding the library? Yes/no
    We send you an email when your library card is created.

2. Download the Libby app from your app store

Search for “Libby, by OverDrive” 

3: Open Libby and register:

  • First question: Do you have a library card? – Press Yes
  • Go to: You can look up your nearest library by name, or city, or zip code
    Press: Search for a Library
  • You can search for your library by name or branch location
    In the box, type: The Seafarers’ Library” – and choose the library shown in the box
  • Press: “Sign in with my card”
  • Enter your email address
  • Enter your pin code
  • Press: Next

Now you are ready to browse, download, and read!

-> You only need to be online while downloading then you can read offline.
-> Books are available for 28 days, magazines are available for 7 days (see below).
-> You can use Libby on your phone and tablet.
-> If you want to use your PC, go to and log in.
-> Unfortunately, it is not possible to read via Kindle.

Contact the library at [email protected] if you have suggestions for books or use the “Notify Me” tab directly in Libby if you find a book you would like to read that isn’t already in the collection.

Printer friendly version of the guide.


In The Seafarers’ Library you have access to more than 2.000 magazines. Most of the magazines are from English speaking countries and are in English, but magazines in other languages are also available.

When you have internet access, you have unlimited access to all magazines, but you can also download issues and read them when you are offline. You have access to a downloaded magazine for seven days, but you can borrow it again if you are not finishes with it.

You can also subscribe to your favorite magazines, and if you do, the issue you've downloaded will stay on your shelf until the next issue is published. You must subsequently download the new issue if you want to read offline.

You can search directly for your favourite magazine, or you can browse through subject categories such as: “Food & Wine”, “Tech & Gaming”, “Health & Fitness”, “Travel & Outdoor” and “Science”.

What else can I find in The Seafarers' Library?

In Libby you can search for a specific book or search for a subject, but you can also browse through the books of the library, and if you scroll down the frontpage of the app, you also find curated lists that we have made for you. For instance, these: 

  • Mystery & Thriller – if you go to the list there are different subgenres
  • Maritime history
  • Manga – graphic novels and comics.
  • Photo – mainly magazines about how to take better photos
  • Cookbooks, se a selection here

Also note that The Seafarers’ Library holds books that you can use in your daily work on board the ship such as books on the lists:

  • Workplace Culture – books for the ship management and for you who want to learn how to lead
  • Maritime Books – the law, ship management and autonomous shipping